Brand Identity design and Website for iServiceman company

iServiceman provides in-home repair service for iPhones and iPads. It is a company which aims to help young ladies in fixing their iPhone and iPad issues with ease. The target audience is the reason why the company’s design comes with a light color theme of white and turquoise.

But since the business is for women, the design should appear as “cozy and feminine” to accommodate the company’s target audience. At the same time, I need to emphasize the fact that the company only focuses on iPhones and iPads.


Thus, I went for a light color using turquoise and white. Next, I created a monogram-like logo using the letters “i” and “s”, which is the initials of the company’s name: iServiceman. I shaped the two letters in a distorted and rounded manner to make them look like the Apple logo since the company repairs Apple mobile devices. Aside from the rounded logo, the typography of the site’s business card and website consist of rounded figures to make it more “feminine.” Lastly, I also applied a few rhombus figures as a design element. The figures represent precious stones – one of the favourite belongings of a woman. And just like how precious gems are adorned to a woman to make them look elegant, these rhombuses are “adorned” throughout the website as an extra design.